Oil Country Tubular Goods

We Have Used Oil Country Tubular Goods Stock Available Now at Great Prices

We have managed to source a new supply of used Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG). These tubulars are a little bit special. We sourced them from an active drilling rig that is being converted into a production platform. These are high-quality tubulars manufactured for the western Oil Country Tubular Goods market. This is an important consideration, that we will cover further down the page.

What is Oil Country Tubular Goods?

A simple Oil Country Tubular Goods definition could be as follows:

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) makes reference to all of the different types of pipe, casings, and tubing used in the oil and gas industry. Often simply referred to as tubulars. OCTG are used at many stages of the production process, from drilling to transporting raw products. Tubulars are covered under American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications.

Tubular Stocks Could Be in High Demand Soon

As we mentioned in a news post last week, oil prices are on the rise. Hitting pre-COVID levels for the first time. Production is up, and this trend is predicted to continue for some time. Reading between the lines, this means that inactive rigs will be going back into production soon, if they have not already.

As a result, demand for tubulars manufactured for the western Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) market is going to go up. Let’s not forget that western made tubular products all come from a single company now. Meaning long lead times and locked in pricing. The alternative is to buy inferior products from Chinese Oil Country Tubular Goods manufacturers. But, we do have a third option for you right now. Our used stock of tubulars and Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA).

Used & Certified Tubulars

We have a decent stock of used OCTG at a very competitive price. As already mentioned, western manufactured products tend to have a fairly fixed price. Due to the single manufacturer monopoly. Chinese produced tubular products are up to 80% cheaper than western made ones. But, of course, you tend to get what you pay for when buying from cheaper manufacturers.

What we have, are some used tubulars that are of western manufacture. And we are selling these around 40% below the price of purchasing new, Chinese made products. We are happy to sell this OCTG stock as is, or we can arrange for DS1 CAT 3-5 inspection and certification.

Our Oil Country Tubular Goods Stock

All of this stock is currently at the Middle Eastern Tubular Services yard in Sharjah, UAE. However, we can deliver these anywhere except locations that fall under the embargo covered by the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctions. Therefore, we cannot deliver to Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, the Republic of Sudan (North), and the Crimea region.

QtyDrilling Tubulars Available Middle Eastern Tubular Services
119 ½ OD Spiral Drill Collars, Zip and Slip recess 3 ½” ID 7 5/8 Reg Connection
428 ¼ OD Spiral Drill Collars, Mix of slip recess only & Slip & Zip 2 ¾ ID 6 5/8" Reg Connection
296 ¾ Spiral Drill Collars, Zip and Slip recess 2 ¾" ID NC 50 Connection
29 ½" OD Slick Pony Collars 10’ long 7 5/8" Regular Connection
28 ¼" OD Slick Pony Collars 10’ long 6 5/8" Regular Connection
26 ¾" OD Slick Pony Collars 10’ long NC 50 Connection
455” HWDP, XT 50 Connection
154 3/4"Spiral Drill Collars Slip Access Only 3 1/2" IF Connection
263 ½ DP 2 1/2"ID 4 ¾ OD HB and IPC XT 38 Connection
293 ½" HWDP 4 3/4" OD 2 ½" ID XT 38 Connection
15Unused 3 1/8" Spiral DC’s 1 3/8"ID NC 23 Connection

Unfortunately, this is the best photograph that we have of this stock at the moment. We will add some better shots at a later stage. We can ship these as is, or we can go through the API inspection process and have them certified for you.

Oil Country Tubular Goods

Get More Information About Our Used Oil Country Tubular Goods

Our sales team have all worked in the Oil & Gas industry for many decades. You can leverage their knowledge and experience to help you make the right purchasing decisions. Getting in touch with us is very simple. You can use the contact form on our website. Alternatively, you can speak directly to one of our team by calling us on +971 6 526 2556 or emailing us at sales@irefzco.com.

We don’t expect this stock of OCTG to last for long. The combination of an exceptional price and rising demand for tubulars means that these will likely be sold very quickly. Therefore, if you are interested in them, call us now rather than later.

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