RAM K5UR50DML-20 Air Winch For Sale

This RAM K5UR50DML-20 Air Winch is currently one of our featured products. This is one of the RAM “Air Power” range of winches. We specialise in new and used rig equipment, and have fully overhauled this very capable winch and hoist. Furthermore, the RAM winch has been fully certified for safe use post-reconditioning. As can be seen from these certification certificates from HYDROFIT FZE and Emirates Safety Services LLC.

RAM K5UR50DML-20 Air Winch HYDROFIT Certification

RAM K5UR50DML-20 Air Winch EMISAFE Certification

RAM K5UR50DML-20 Air Winch Specifications

Let’s take a look at some of the specs for this hoist from RAM. This is duel rated hoisting equipment. Meaning it is rated with a Safe Working Load (SWL) for hoisting both standard loads, and it is also a man riding winch. With a winch capacity rating of 5,000lbs to 12,000lbs.

The winch and hoist has been constructed using a 10.75” drum core. Making it compatible with wire rope of ⅝” diameter. When the RAM K5UR50DML-20 was originally designed, it was intended to be the best performing air winch available. The design incorporates safety features that comply with ANSI/ASME B30.7 standards.

Yet, despite the advanced design of this RAM air winch, it is also a very economical winch to operate and maintain. This RAM air winch uses in the region of 40% less air than other similar winches. But giving up nothing in performance. It can deliver the same line speeds as similar, less efficient winches.

Making it a great choice for operators who want to get the most efficiency from their oil rig equipment. Additionally, this winch and hoist comes fitted with both an automatic and a manual braking system.

Why Buy A Refurbished Air Winch?

Rig equipment is expensive, and operating costs are forever growing. Purchasing used hoisting equipment makes sound financial sense. Especially when the winch in question is the RAM K5UR50DML-20 Air Winch, that is both a manrider and a standard winch. With a technical specification that outstrips many competing winches, and a much lower cost of ownership, buying a refurbished unit simply compounds these savings.

Are You Interested In This RAM K5UR50DML-20 Air Winch?

International Rig & Equipment specialises in providing both new and used rig equipment. You can rely on us to give you great service, with an extremely competitive pricing strategy.

You can contact us and speak to one of the team to find out more about this RAM K5UR50DML-20 air winch. All of our representatives have spent decades in the Oil & Gas Industry, and can give you the information and advice you need to make the right purchasing decision. If you would rather get in touch directly, you can call us on  +971 6 526 2556 or email us at sales@irefzco.com.

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