GOTCO Fishing Tools

Unused GOTCO Fishing Tools for Sale

We have a range of unused GOTCO fishing tools available now from stock. Buying the same rig equipment direct from the manufacturer can have a lead time of up to 70 days. The ones we are offering are below the manufacturer’s price, and with no lead time at all.

What are GOTCO FIshing Tools?

Fishing tools is the name given to any drilling equipment that is used to help in the recovery of gear that has been lost downhole. Fishing tools fall into one of four general categories, and these are listed below.

  • Diagnostic tools – these can range in complexity. At one end of the scale, the tool can be as simple as a lump of lead, that is dropped onto the top of the equipment being fished for. This leaves an imprint, that can be used as the basis for building a custom tool to retrieve the equipment. At the other end, the fishing tool could be fitted with a camera, sonar or other electronic instruments.
  • Inside grappling tools – also known as spears, usually have some form of a threaded, tapered profile. This means that they can be guided into the top of the equipment that is being fished for, and then the thread engaged. Once this is done, the equipment can be recovered.
  • Outside grappling tools – or overshots as they are often called, are shaped to fit over the equipment being fished for. They may also have an internal thread. Once they have been lowered over the lost equipment, it can be recovered. Some outside grappling tools also have a very basic drilling surface. This is useful for removing rock or other debris from on top of the fish, before trying to recover it.
  • Force intensifiers – often call jars, these are mechanical hammers that can be lowered downhole. Jars can be used to dislodge stuck equipment, for example. The impact that they can provide locally is far greater than that which could be applied from the surface.

Our Stock of Fishing Tools

17 3/4"Hydraulic Fishing Jar 6 5/8" REGFJ-76
16 1/4"Hydraulic Fishing Jar 4 1/2"IFFJ-66/FJ62
17 3/4"Fishing Bumper Sub 6 5/8"REGBSK-101
16 1/4" Fishing Bumper Sub 4 1/2"IFBSK-85/BSK75
111 1/4"FS Overshot Dressed 9 1/2"6 5/8"REGOS-112
111 1/4" Overshot Extension 36"OALOS-112-12-36
111 1/4"Over Sized Lip Guide 21"OS-112-11
111 1/4"Over Sized Lip Guide 15"OS-112-11
18 1/8"SH Overshot Dressed 7 "4 1/2"IF BoxOS-8
18 1/8"Overshot Extension 36"OALOS-8-12-36
18 1/8" Over Size Lip Guide 15"OS-8-11
18 1/8" Over Size Lip Guide 11"OS-8-11
15 3/4"FS Overshot Dressed 4 3/4"3 1/2"IF BoxOS-4
15 3/4" Overshot Extension 36"OALOS-4-12-36
15 3/4"Over Size Lip Guide 8"OS -4-11
16 1/2"OD Safety Joint 4 1/2"IFDSJ-650
1Boot Sub 9 5/8"@ Cup 6 5/8"BB-9
1Boot Sub 6 5/8"@ CupBB-6
115"RCJB 7 5/8"REGRCB-13
111"RCJB 6 5/8"REGRCB-10
17 7/8"RCJB 3 1/2"IFRCB-41
17"Fishing Magnet C/W Keeper AssyFM-15

Unused GOTCO Fishing Tools

Unused GOTCO Fishing Tools With No Lead Times

All of the fishing tools we have in stock are Unused. The cost is significantly lower than purchasing directly from the manufacturer and they are available to be delivered immediately.

All of these fishing tools come with a Certificate of Compliance (which we are happy to send you a copy of on request). We can also arrange viewing of this drilling equipment if required.

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