Unused 36" Security Custom Hole Opener

Unused 36″ Security Custom Hole Opener For Sale

We have a 36″ security custom hole opener available now from stock. This is not refurbished drilling equipment, it is unused and comes complete with an inspection report from Parker Drilling. This hole opener is a well-known and relied upon fixed diameter hole opener in use globally. We have had this unit inspected, and it comes fitted with medium formation cutters.

What Is a 36″ Security Custom Hole Opener?

Security hole openers are the original leading type of fixed diameter equipment used for borehole enlargement. This equipment is used to enlarge pilot holes. As well as for directional drilling, and also clean out runs. The hole opener is designed and manufactured to tackle big hole drilling requirements. As well as offshore conductor holes, and any other drilling work where reliability and speed are considered to be important factors.

Product Features

This custom hole opener has the following features:

  • A one-piece body means that there is no need for threaded connections.
  • It is possible to change cutters simply and quickly.
  • The quick-change assembly for the cutter means that simple hand tools can be used to make changes.
  • Retained nozzles can be swapped out rapidly, making it easy to match pump capacities.
  • Jet circulation is of high velocity, to enable fast and effective hole cleaning.

Product Specification

Here are the general specifications of this unused 36″ security custom hole opener:

  • Popular hole sizes (inches): 36
  • Recommended pilot holes (inches): 17-1/2—26
  • Number of cutter saddles: 4
  • Standard top connection (pin): 7-5/8” reg
  • Standard bottom connection (box): 7-5/8” reg

Security Custom Hole Opener Inspection Report

This hole opener is being supplied as unused, and not refurbished rig equipment. Here is the inspection report post-refurbishment.

Hole Opener Inspection Report

36″ Security Custom Hole Opener Images

Refurbished Rig Equipment from IR&E

This 36″ security custom hole opener is being sold as unused, rather than refurbished rig equipment, and is in excellent condition. However, we do specialise in refurbished drilling equipment as well. Buying recycled or refurbished equipment is a way to significantly reduce the cost of ownership, whilst doing something good for the environment. Typically, our refurbished equipment is sold at lower prices than buying new equivalent items from second rate manufacturers.

International Rig & Equipment has been trading in rig equipment for almost two decades now. Every member of the sales team has spent many years in the Oil & Gas industry. They understand the needs of drilling companies, and are ready to offer you the help, advice and support you need in making the right buying decisions. You can contact our team to find out more about this 36″ security custom hole opener. You can give us a claim on +971 6 526 2556, send us an email to sales@irefzco.com, or use our contact form to send a message.