Refurbished NOV HT200 Tongs for Sale

Unused HT200 Tongs from NOV Varco Available Now for Sale

We have, in stock right now, a set of NOV Varco HT200 tongs. This is unused rig equipment that has been inspected and meets API RP 7L CAT 4 standards. The HT 200 manual tong is part of the NOV Varco HT series. These are available in a number of different torque ranges. From 16,000 ft-lb at the lightweight end of the range. Through to 100,000 ft-lb for HT 200 rig tongs at the top end of the range.

These HT200 tongs are completely interchangeable with tongs from other manufacturers. This includes BVM, Woolley, and Varco. These tongs are unused drilling equipment that is tough and durable. Featuring hard-wearing stagger tooth tong dies, and heat-treated hinge pins.

What Are HT 200 Rig Tongs Used For?

Self-long wrenches like the HT200 manual tong are used to drip the components that make up the drillstring, to provide rotational torque. They are used in a similar fashion to the way a plumber will use a pair of torque wrenches working in opposite directions to undo tight fittings.

One of the HT 200 rig tongs would be fixed in position using a chain or strong cable, with the other is left free to move and apply torque. This unused rig equipment work as either breakout tongs, or makeup tongs.

HT200 Tongs Specification

HT200 Tongs Specification

Image courtesy of NOV

Size range lever: Standard, 6-16inch, 203.2 – 406mm.


A Max: 62 3/8inch 1584mm A Min: 57 11/16inch 1465mm

B Max: 78inch 1981mm B Min: 68inch 1727mm

C: 38inch 965mm

HT200 Manual Tong Product Images

Refurbished HT 200 Rig Tongs

Refurbished HT200 Manual Tong

Why Buy Refurbished Drilling Equipment?

Buying unused rig recruitment such as these HT200 tongs, makes sense for a number of reasons. The cost is far lower than buying a new equivalent. In short, you can get western equipment at less than the cost of newly manufactured Chinese products. Furthermore, there is a very short lead time. You won’t have to wait weeks or months, as our refurbished drilling equipment is available from stock.

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We have a lot more used rig equipment in stock, aside from these HT200 tongs. Our team knows our stock inside and out. Each of them has spent decades in the oil and gas industry, and can help you to make smart buying choices. All of our stock is ready to ship, so this means very short lead times. Call our team on +971 6 526 2556, or email them directly at You can also contact us using our contact form.