How Buying Refurbished Rig Equipment Can Help Reach Carbon-Neutral Oil And Gas

First, let’s start by explaining what is meant by carbon-neutral oil and gas production. We need to be clear that nobody expects the drilling and production process to operate at net-zero carbon. There will likely always be production processes that produce carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon neutral (or carbon zero) on the other hand, may just be possible. The difference here, is that the aim is to produce carbon offsets that negate the CO2 that is created during the production process.

There are a number of companies producing carbon-zero energy products at the moment. For example, the carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas products sold by Royal Dutch Shell. Furthermore, firms such as Lundin Energy AB have been stating that they produce carbon-neutral oil and gas products for some time now.

What Are Carbon Offsets in Relation to Carbon-Neutral Oil and Gas?

It should be pretty clear that oil and gas production cannot be facilitated without creating some sort of impact on the environment. But by implementing projects intended to produce a carbon offset, this impact can be negated. At least in theory.

The typical example carbon offset project is tree planting. The idea being, that the new trees will remove carbon from the atmosphere. And the amount of CO2 cleaned from the air, will be equal to or greater than the amount produced in the production of oil and gas. Of course, it would be better to work at net-zero carbon, and not put any harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at all. Rather than take steps to then remove these gases after they have been released. But in some industries, oil and gas included, net-zero carbon is close to impossible to achieve. Therefore, carbon-neutrality is a sensible option.

Refurbished Rig Equipment Can Provide a Carbon Offset

When considering the carbon impact of oil and gas production, it is easy to become blinkered, and only look at the production, refining and delivery processes as potential carbon emitters. However, the true scope would include exploration, surveying, well and rig construction and operation, and the manufacture of rig equipment.

In the latter case, we can make an argument for purchasing refurbished drilling equipment as a way to lower the carbon footprint. Equipment manufacturing is a heavy industry in its own right, with its own carbon emissions problems. But as a service industry to the oil and gas sector, it contributes to the carbon footprint of the overall production cycle of oil and gas.

We have all become used to a vast array of products being recycled. Glass bottles, plastic bags, tin cans, etc. There can be no doubt that recycling these products has had a positive impact on the environment. So why don’t we recycle rig equipment?

Much of the heavy equipment used on a drilling rig, is essentially bulletproof, and could last forever if properly maintained. When a rig is decommissioned, much of this equipment could be stripped and overhauled. The refurbished rig equipment can then be used again.

IRE Can Help Reach Carbon-Neutral Oil and Gas Production

We are not saying that we can save the environment. We are not saying we are going to solve all of your carbon emissions problems. What we are saying, is that the refurbished rig equipment we sell, can provide a small addition to carbon offsets. It might be a drop in the ocean overall, but every drop counts.

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