Refurbished Elmagco 7838w Aux Brakes

Refurbished Elmagco 7838W Aux Brakes Available From Stock

We have some Elmagco 7838W aux brakes from NOV ready and available from stock. These are refurbished rig equipment, and can provide you with significant cost savings over new equipment. They are in excellent condition and ready to be either inspected, or delivered where you need them.

What is an Elmagco 7838W Aux Brakes?

Brakes are used as part of the Drawworks. Every offshore drilling rig, as well as a large number of shore based drilling rigs use a Drawworks. This makes up part of the overall hoisting equipment. It is used to lower or raise the swivel, top drive and drill string. Brakes are used as part of the system to slow down the rate the Drawworks is operating.

What Is an Elmagco 7838W Baylor Brake Used For?

The overall hoisting system is made up of the derrick, drilling line, travelling block, crown block, and Drawworks. The Drawworks is a large drum that revolves. The drilling line wraps around this drum and is let out as the hoist is lowered. Brakes are used to control the descent when lowering heavy loads. These brakes are designed to absorb momentum. Elmagco 7838W aux brakes are used as an auxiliary braking system. The auxiliary brakes are employed during tripping operations. They can be engaged to control the speed of descent of the drill string.

Elmagco Brake Specifications

Below, we have added a table that shows the specifications of this refurbished rig equipment. The data for this table was taken from the installation, operation and

maintenance Instruction manual for this particular brake.

General Specifications
Principal of OperationInduced Eddy Current Braking
Torque-Maximum @ 150 RPM, lb-ft (n-m)117,000 (158,631)
Torque @ 50 RPM, lb-ft (n-m)96,000 (130,159)
Number of Magnets2
Number of Coils per Magnet2
Coil Internal Resistance @ 68° F (20° C), Ohms13.4-13.9
11.0-11.5 (Prior to July 1985)
Total Brake Input Resistance @ 68° F (20° C), Ohms3.9-4.1
2.8-2.9 (Prior to July 1985)
Brake Excitation
Voltage, volts DC250
Current-Coil Temperature @ 68° F (20° C), Amps DC74.07
89.29 (Prior to July 1985)
Power Input @ 68° F (20° C), kW18.5
22.3 (Prior to July 1985)
Cooling Water Requirements
Flow @ 100° F (38 Deg. C) At Brake Inlet, gpm (lpm) 150 (568)
Maximum Discharge Temperature, oF (oC)165° (74°)
Cooling Water Piping
Inlet(2) 2’’ NPT
Outlet(2) 4’’ NPT
Overflow(2) 1 ¼’’ NPT
Overall Sizes
Height, in (mm)78 (1,981)
Width, in (mm)38 (965)
Weight, lbs (kg)28,000 (12,701)
Inertia (WK2)-Shaft and Rotor, lb-ft2 (kg-cm2)37,938 (15,987,118)
Weight-Shaft and Rotor, lbs (kg)6,458 (2,929)
Shaft Size (Oilfield Standard)
Diameter, in (mm)7.5’’ (190.5)
Taper per foot, in (mm)1 ¼’’ (31.75)
Average Rotor Radial Clearance (Air Gap) Over Magnets (Without Paint or Other Build up), in (mm)0.055-0.065 (1.397-1.651)
Maximum RPM600

Elmagco Brake Certification

We refurbished these brakes some time ago, so a service might be required before sale. However, below you can see screenshots of the certificate of conformity for each of them.

Elmagco 7838W Aux Brakes Images

Refurbished  Elmagco 7838W Baylor Brakes Available

Here at International Rig & Equipment we specialise in selling both new and refurbished drilling equipment. These Elmagco 7838W aux brakes are an excellent example of the kind of high standard of refurbishment we carry out. They are available right now, from stock. They are available at a cost that is far lower than buying the same equipment new. And also lower than buying in similar equipment from Chinese manufacturers.

Our entire sales team has spent many years in the Oil & Gas industry, working in varied job roles. They can provide you with all the help and advice you need to help you to make the right purchasing choices. You can speak to our sales team directly by calling +971 6 526 2556. Or if you prefer, send us an email about these Elmagco 7838W aux brakes to and we will get back to you.