Churchill Type F Heavy Plain Cylindrical Grinder For Sale

We have a Churchill Type F heavy plain cylindrical grinder available for sale. The unit was decommissioned in 2016. It is in excellent condition and is available now from stock, ready to ship. The price is very competitive for a piece of workshop equipment in such good condition.

What is a Cylindrical Grinder?

A cylindrical grinder is used to apply different shapes to the external face of an object. The shape of the object can take any form, as long as it has at least one stable axis of rotation. As the grinder spins the object along this axis. There are four requirements that the grinder must meet, in terms of function. As listed below.

  • The object being shaped must rotate all the time it is being worked on.
  • And the grinding wheel also has to rotate continuously while work is in progress.
  • The grinding wheel needs to be able to move forward and backwards, towards or away from the object being worked on.
  • The grinding wheel or the object being worked on must freely transverse the other.

Churchill Type F Specification

Manufacturer: Churchill

Model: F (HPC)

Unit serial number: 21148

Country of Manufacture: Great Britain

Present Location: HFZ 2 Sharjah UAE

Inspection and Testing: Decommissioned 2016

Size : 24” X 96” 

Nominal Size of Machine: 20” & 26” Swing

Maximum Swing Over Table: 28” 

Standard Grinding Wheel Size: 30” x 3” x 12”

Max Width Of Grinding Wheel: 8” 

Maximum diameter ground: 26”

Chuck Size: 18” 

Length between Centers: 96”

Maximum Wheelhead withdrawal:

Work Rotation Speeds: 15 to 90 r.p.m.

Motor For Grinding Wheel Drive: 20 H.P.

The Motor for Work Drive: 7 ½-10 H.P.

Motor for Table Traverse Drive: 3 H.P. 

Approximate Weight: 43,700 lbs (19560 KG)

Floor Space Full Traverse: 24’ x 11’ 

Additional X&Z Axis Operation: Digital Output

Churchill Type F Product Images

Here are a few photographs of the cylindrical grinder. We can also arrange for viewing and inspection of this equipment if you wish. You can contact our team to facilitate this.

Churchill Type F Heavy Plain Cylindrical Grinder

Churchill Type F

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